About us

The future belongs to the 3D-printing

Aim – simplify mission future

In the healthcare, the industry or in the research sector, all branches manufacture their products using more and more 3D-printers. It is our aim It is our aim to develop materials which support you achieving your targets. Instead of resting on the already existing materials, we focus on the future and on the range of perspectives which come along with these technologies.

Ecological responsibility

Particularly as a manufacturer of synthetic materials, we have a very special ecological responsibility. And we are aware of it. Thus, we always try to take into account new and sustainable materials which are as harmless as possible. This is why we are in contact with our suppliers all the time.

Our production runs with renewable energy. We try to re-use the packaging material for the shipping and to use recycled materials.
We set us an internal target to take the most ecological way even if it is not the easiest one.

3D-materials for the future.