NYTE3D Cast+Press 3D-printing resin

3D-printing material for castable and pressable objects.

Firing without residues

The NYTE3D Cast 3D-printing resin can be fired nearly residue-free. Therefore, it can be perfectly used for any kind of casting indications.

Press ceramic compatible

The 3D-printing resin Cast+Press can also be used for dentures made of lithium disilicate.

Low expansion

Our material shows only a low expansion. Advantage: muffles crack less and model casts, crowns and bridges become more exact.

Finest details

Short exposure times as well as a high reactivity ensure that defined edges can be printed precisely and at least smallest details can be replicated.

Technische Daten

  • 3,5 % Flexural stress

    63,7 ± 2,9 MPa

  • Flexural strength

    72,2 ± 3,2 MPa

  • Flexural strain

    5,03 ± 0,23 %

  • Flexural modulus

    2498 ± 115 MPa

  • Shore hardness D

    90 ± 1

  • Viscosity

    220 mPa·s

  • Wavelength range