NYTE3D Model High-Contrast 3D-printing resin

3D-printing material for dental models with an appearance like dental stone

Appearance like dental stone

With our high-contrast resin, maximized dental stone-like contrasts enable significantly better visibility of details.

Short exposure time

A short exposure time gently treat the light and imaging unit of your dental 3D-printer. The economic efficiency increases.

Very hard models

The models are extremely hard after the printing process and the post-exposure. This leads to perfect working properties of the prints.

High material reactivity

The high material reactivity shortens the exposure time by up to 50%.

Very low viscosity

The advantages of a low viscosity: faster printer travel, simpler cleaning and lower material consumption.

Finest details

Short exposure times, a high opacity and a high reactivity ensure that defined edges can be printed precisely and at least smallest details can be replicated.


ivory hc

3D-printing resin for perfectly-fitting dental models with an appearance like dental stone

Maximized contrasts with our high-contrast resin enable significantly better visibility of details on your dental models, comparable to conventional models made of dental stone.

The NYTE3D Model High-Contrast resin was developed especially for dental laboratories and can be used in devices with a wavelength of 385 nm and 405 nm. You can freely decide if you use the material in a LCD printer or a DLP printer.

To fulfill all requirements of digital model making, we have cooperated with dental technicians and other experts. The result is a dental model material for printing crown models, bridge models, aligner models, prosthetic models, diagnostic models and implant models.

Compatible 3D-printers

Technical data

  • 3,5 % Flexural stress

    65,7 ± 3,4 MPa

  • Flexural strength

    71,2 ± 4,2 MPa

  • Flexural strain

    4,93 ± 0,13 %

  • Flexural modulus

    2484 ± 145 MPa

  • Shore hardness D

    90 ± 1

  • Viscosity

    220 mPa·s

  • Wavelength range


Excellent properties

Print economically and accelerate the printing processes

The most stressed component of your 3D-printer is the light and imaging unit. In most of the cases, this is a LED panel in combination with a monochrome display (MSLA printer) or a projector (DLP printer). Thanks to the high reactivity of our NYTE3D Model High-Contrast material, the exposure times of your printer can be reduced considerably and more models can be printed with a reduced machine load. The economic efficiency increases!

The significant reduction of the exposure time shortens the printing process.

Hard and dimensionally stable models

The volume of the printed model typically decreases during the printing process and the post-exposure and it shrinks. Due to the choice of high-quality raw materials and the quite easy finishing procedure of the printed objects, the NYTE3D Model High-Contrast shrinks only marginally. Nonetheless, the printed objects have a high shore hardness so that they can be processed perfectly.

Easy finishing procedure and fast printing processes thanks to a low viscosity

Do you know the following problems?
  • You cannot print faster because the material flows back very slowly
  • Cleaning of the printer cartridge and the building platform is work-intensive and time consuming
  • There are residues of washed-up resin in the ultrasonic bath. Therefore, the material consumption increases and the objects may show an unpleasant coating after the cleaning
  • All of these problems which were brought to our attention by dental technicians are due to a high material viscosity. The low material viscosity helps to make the finishing procedure easier and to reduce ineffective times.

High opacity for easy-to-recognise details

For being able to recognise all the finest details on the surface of the dental models, a surface as opaque as possible is required. But the necessary material components may have a negative influence on the printing properties. Due to specially developed procedures, we can ensure having not only perfect printing properties, but also a high opacity.

Compatible 3D-printers

"Since I use NYTE3D Model High-Contrast, there are no misprints anymore. Especially while treating time-sensitive projects and in peak times, I am more than happy being able to print the incoming scans quickly and easily."

Ömür Pak
Oraldesign Pak – Germany

Compatible 3D-printers

The resin can be used in devices with a wavelength of 385 nm and 405 nm. Therefore, it covers the most common 3D-printers in the dentistry. Feel free to ask us about the printing parameters.

Your 3D-printer is not listed? Just ask us if your printer is compatible. Of course, we or one of our partners may help you to find the perfect printer setting of your dental 3D-printer. Just give us a call.

We have already tested part of the following printers:


  • Photon Mono X
  • Photon Mono
  • Photon Mono SE
  • Photon S
  • Photon Zero
  • Photon


  • Max-Series
  • PRO 4K


  • ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro
  • ELEGOO Mars Pro
  • ELEGOO Saturn


  • Ultra
  • Profession


  • D10+
  • D20+
  • D30+
  • D30+ ortho
  • D40 II
  • D70+
  • D90+
  • D100+


  • LD-002R UV
  • LD-002H UV
  • LD-006 UV


  • Shuffle Series
  • Sonic Series
  • Sonic Mini Series
  • Sonic Mighty Series
  • Sonic MEGA 8K


  • Freeshape 120


  • SLASH 2
  • IBEE


  • Hunter
  • Foto 6.0
  • Foto 8,9
  • Foto 8,9s
  • Foto 13.3
  • Focus 8.9


  • E10
  • E6
  • X156
  • X133
  • X10
  • X1

Qidi Tech

  • Shadow 5.5 S
  • Shadow 6.0 Pro
  • I-Box Mono


  • Whale 2
  • Elfin2 MONO SE
  • Elfin3 Mini
  • Bene4 Mono
  • Bene4
  • MARS
  • GEM


  • Moonray


  • Inkspire


  • Falcon 5.5 inch
  • Falcon S 8.9 inch 4K
  • Falcon Pro 10.1 inch
  • Falcon Plus 13.3 inch 4K
  • Falcon Max 15.6 inch 4K


  • Mini SLA LCD


  • Phenom
  • Phenom L
  • Phenom Noir
  • Phenom Prime
  • Phenom XXL


  • PrintHero 4K
  • Sparkmaker FHD
  • SparkMaker Original


  • Lumi³ (LumiCube)


  • LC Magna
  • LC Dental


  • SL1
  • SL1S


  • Orange 4K Mono
  • Orange 30
  • Orange 10

XYZ Printing

  • Nobel 1.0
  • Nobel 1.0 A
  • Nobel Superfine

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