NYTE3D Dental Resins

Efficient 3D-print in dentistry

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Mission – simplifying the future

We provide the matching material to turn your ideas into reality. Our 3D-printing resins are developed from users for users – for an efficient, economic and forward-looking 3D-print.

Let us convince you!

"I have been searching for a resin to print easily reproduceable models for a long time. With NYTE3D Model I have found an excellent product which fulfils all my expectations."

Stefan Bichler
Dentallabor Krems Bichler GmbH – Austria

"It is my aim to prepare aesthetically perfect workpieces. NYTE 3D helps me to print scans fast and free of faults. This generates more time to finish my work achieving an optimal result."

Mirsad Smajovic
Smile-Tech GmbH – Switzerland

More than a manufacturer

Our partners can rely on us. Beside highly-qualified employees in our development department, we provide out resellers with an extensive support and service around the 3D-printing.

And we support our partners in building up know-how in this field, having in mind the current level of knowledge so that we can define common objectives.

Made in Germany Lower Saxony

In Celle near Hannover, we develop high-quality 3D-printing resins for the dental world. Our resins bear the label "Made in Germany": developed and produced in Germany.

This means for you: reliable quality, controlled production conditions, and as a result, a high quality standard. With the help of our resins, you can accomplish your daily work faster and more efficiently.

From users for users

Our product developing team has its origin in the dentistry and knows all the day-to-day challenges concerning the dental 3D-printing. Time-sensitive projects, misprints caused by the material and time-intensive cleaning of printed objects aggravate the final establishing and acceptance in the dentistry.

All these facts induced us to develop new materials. From users for users. For an efficient and economic 3D-printing.